5 Ways A Workout Journal Can Help

You don’t need to be an outstanding writer to keep a journal. You don’t need to be a diarist either, anxious to share every detail of your day and write down all of your hopes and aspirations. However, in order to stay committed to your fitness schedule, a workout journal can help. Many dieters find that they can hold themselves accountable and plan their meals and snacks by keeping a diet journal. You can do the same thing, whether you’re working out seven days a week or just one. Here are five good reasons to start and keep a workout journal.


There are hundreds of apps, software programs, and online tools that can help you plan and organize your workout. However, the act of writing down what you intend to do can have a real emotional impact on you, and help you execute your plan. Write down specifics, from the time you plan to workout to the place and exactly what form of exercise you’re planning to tackle.


Your workout journal will also help you track your progress. To stay motivated, you need to see your results. Save some space in your workout journal for noting how you’ve improved and what you still want to see happen. You can track the amount of time you spend, the speed of your run, the number of laps you complete on the track or in the pool, and the amount of weight you’re lifting at the gym.


It wouldn’t be a journal if you weren’t able to emote just a little bit. Use your workout journal to explore how you’re feeling and where you’re struggling. This is a safe place that only you will read. Be honest and open, and see if it helps you move forward.


Your successes should be well-documented and always celebrated. Use your workout journal to pat yourself on the back when you reach a specific goal, get to the point where you need to set new goals, or feel like you’ve pushed past something important that might have been holding you back previously.


The most important function of your workout journal is to motivate you. If working out does not come naturally to you, and you feel like you have to force yourself to exercise on some days, your workout journal will be your best friend. It will also serve as a source of inspiration if you’re a dedicated fitness professional who doesn’t feel pressured to exercise, but loves having the ability to get active every day. Different people are motivated in different ways. Find out what does the trick for you, and use your workout journal to make it happen. You can make lists of what you want to accomplish in the short term and the long term, write down your fears and face them head on, and prove to yourself that working out is part of who you are.

Your workout journal does not have to be complex to be effective. Start with something simple, like a notebook. If you prefer working in a digital space, type something up in a Word document. Maybe turn it into a blog if you feel like you can help people with their own workout goals. For your own purposes, a workout journal can help you plan your workouts and hold yourself accountable to the outcomes.