Choosing A Workout For Women: 5 Tips To Start

For most women, the idea of incorporating a regular workout into the daily schedule is an appealing one. You can imagine yourself looking leaner, trimmer, healthier, and of course happier. However, imagining yourself as someone who regularly works out and becoming a person who actually does work out are two different things. If you find that you want to be more physically active, but you’re not sure how to start — follow these five tips.

Tip 1: Choose Something You Like

Many times, women will think they must hit the gym as hard as their favorite celebrity trainers or jump into the latest fitness trend like kickboxing or spinning. Forget all that. If you want to get started with your workout as quickly as today, pick a type of exercise that you will enjoy. If you fear that you won’t have the time or the interest in driving to the gym on a regular basis, don’t join the gym. If you know that running will end up causing pain to your knees, don’t make a daily jog your workout plan. Instead, pick something that is healthy, fun, and sure to feel less like work. Maybe a daily swim if there’s a community pool nearby, or a tennis class with one of your friends. To stick to your workout plans, you have to do something you like.

Tip 2: Make it a Consistent Part of Your Day

You don’t have to schedule a workout for every single day, but decide on which days you will work out and at what times. Then, make it a routine. If you are in the habit of taking the same class three times a week or walking around the neighborhood for half an hour after dinner every night, that habit will be easier to keep. Keep your workout demands reasonable at first. You’ll be less likely to make excuses, and you’ll give yourself room to grow.

Tip 3: Enlist Help

You need the people you love to hold you accountable. Look for support from family members, friends, colleagues, even your children. For example, if you live within a 30-minute walking distance of your little one’s school, why not walk there and back every day instead of driving or putting the kids on the bus? That way, you’ll get your exercise in and your kids will serve as tiny support networks. Ask friends to join you for workouts.

Tip 4: Track Progress

Nothing will keep you motivated more than a surge in success. If you feel like you’re accomplishing something, you’ll want to keep going. Start a workout journal or make a chart to hang in the kitchen. Document how much you do every day and how it makes you feel. You’ll get more than just physical benefits from working out when you do this; you’ll also strengthen your mental and emotional health.

Tip 5: Prepare for Setbacks

No workout plan is perfect. You’re going to have the days where nothing will induce you into your running shorts or your sports bra. That’s okay. Give yourself a break once in a while as long as it’s a short, temporary break. Plan your workouts around holidays, vacations, and other scheduling issues so you don’t get tempted to skip too many of them. These five tips will have you working out regularly, and feeling and looking great.