Top 10 Workouts And Why You Should Try Them

There are enough workout options that you should never become bored with getting fit. Whether your goals are to improve your athletic abilities, lose 10 pounds, or simply live a healthier lifestyle — there are more opportunities than ever to include some sort of physical fitness in your daily routine. These 10 workouts are accessible for any fitness level and will accommodate any health goal.

1. Dancing

If you don’t think of dancing as a workout, you’re probably doing it wrong. Whether you take a dance class, cut a rug in the privacy of your own home to your favorite music, or spend a night out on the town shaking what your momma gave you, that counts as exercise. Dancing has great cardio benefits and grows those leg muscles.

2. Interval Training

This is intense, and involves bursts of activity in short amounts of time. So, if you only have 20 minutes a day to workout, you can utilize interval training to maximize your work.

3. Swimming

Like dance, this can be recreational or completed with a fitness goal in mind. Swimming works out every muscle you have and it’s great for your heart and joints. Find a pool and use it.

4. Boxing

Kickboxing was a thing for a while, but now your workout can include fierce punching. There might be some kicking too, but the new boxing workouts are focused on cardio and upper body strength training.

5. Martial Arts

For a workout that helps with endurance and strength training, try mixed martial arts. It’s also useful for self-defense. You can take classes that teach different fighting methods, and your body will become leaner and more intuitive.

6. Jump Rope

One of the newest cardio fads to start showing up in classes at gyms across the country is the cardio Jump Rope workout, which teaches you creative ways to jump rope. This isn’t for kids; and you’ll find your exhausted after your workout.

7. Old School Aerobics

Aerobics is back, and it’s up to you whether you want to throw on the headbands and legwarmers. There are classes you can take, or find yourself a DVD and follow along. You’ll get your basic cardio workout in, as well as strength training that targets areas like abs, thighs, and your bottom.

8. Hula Hooping

Like the jumping rope workout, this one gives you the opportunity to temporarily return to your childhood in pursuit of good health. Weighted hula hoops are used to improve your balance, strength, flexibility, and cardio strength.

9. Pole Dancing

Get in touch with your inner stripper by taking a pole dancing class. While the idea may seem scandalous, it’s not. First of all, you’ll keep your clothes on, and you’ll benefit from a great workout. With the help of the pole, you’ll use your own bodyweight to increase strength and improve flexibility.

10. Yoga

It’s been around for thousands of years, and there’s a reason for that. Yoga not only helps you lose weight, get into stronger physical shape, and builds leaner bodies; it also works on you mentally. You’ll be able to align yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Try one of these 10 workouts or do them all in rotation to keep things interesting. You never want to get bored, otherwise you’ll have an excuse to stop working out.