Using Your Workout To Lose Weight

There are always good reasons to begin an exercise program; the health benefits are numerous and it can also improve your mental health and fight off anxiety and depression. Weight loss is another worthy goal and for women, and incorporating a workout into your diet plan is critical. Cutting back the calories you’re eating and watching out for sugar intake, excess fat consumption, and carbohydrate overload are all good ways to slim down and build a leaner, more attractive body. However, you need to include the exercise component. Without regular physical activity, the weight loss process will be a lot slower and probably more frustrating.

Cardio for Weight Loss

One of the fastest and easiest ways to drop a dress size or make up for excess snacking on a particular day is by increasing your cardio workouts. This is where you’re working up a sweat and pushing yourself to the limits of what you think you can do. You’ll need endurance and stamina, and those things will improve the more consistently you complete your cardio workouts. Cardio can include running, or even walking. It can mean using the treadmill at the gym, hiking through the woods, swimming laps, or even playing a game of basketball or sweating through a Zumba class.

Cardio helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism dramatically and burning off fat. The cardio workouts will balance any calories you’re consuming during the day, and when you’re cutting back on what you eat in order to lose weight, you’re really making a difference in the fat you’re able to burn. Cardio exercise doesn’t just help you lose weight; it also improves your heart functions and keeps you healthy.

Lose Weight with Strength Training

The second part of your weight loss workouts will be strength training. Cardio gets a lot done for you on its own, but when you’re also building up muscle tone and replacing fat with lean muscle tissue, you’re going to find that the numbers on the scale continue to go down. You can lift free weights or hand weights, learn how to operate the machines at the gym, or work with a personal trainer to target specific areas of your body that you’d like to work on, such as your core, your legs, or the building of your arms and shoulders.

Some women hesitate when it comes to strength training because they think that cardio is more important and they fear that they’ll get too bulky, and look less feminine. This is not anything you should worry about. Unless you’re planning to lift hundreds of pounds like a bodybuilder, you won’t lose your feminine curves or gain so much muscle that you don’t recognize yourself. A simple routine of push-ups, planks, sit-ups, squats, and other exercises will allow your body to get stronger while it loses fat and pounds. You’ll create a more balanced, leaner, and slimmer appearance for yourself.

Whether you’re hoping to lose just a few pounds or you’ve been struggling with obesity for most of your life and it’s been hard to find a program that works for you, combining workouts with a reasonable eating plan can certainly provide the answers you need. It doesn’t have to be an over-ambitious endeavor; instead, start slow and see what kind of exercise you can manage. You’ll soon move into a more complicated and challenging workout, and you’ll notice the results.