Workout Wear: Dressing For Success

Working out doesn’t require a wardrobe. If you’ve been putting off a gym membership or a yoga class at the local recreation center because you’re not sure what to wear — quit stalling. You can throw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and be ready to participate in nearly any workout activity. However, there are some ways to dress for your chosen fitness routine that can help motivate you, protect you, and keep you comfortable. Here are some fashion tips for dressing to impress when you’re preparing for your workout.

Consider Climate

If your workout takes place outside, you’ll need to dress according to the weather and the temperature. Runners tend to dress in layers, and if you’re involved in a team sport like soccer, softball, basketball, or some other athletic enterprise, you should also consider layering your clothes. Start with an undershirt that’s made from a good wicking material that will protect you from moisture and extreme cold and hot temperatures. Over that, you can wear a sweatshirt or two, and you can always put a pair of leggings underneath sweatpants. If you walk for exercise, make sure you remember your sunscreen during hot days and a windbreaker or an umbrella when it’s raining.

Protect Your Feet

Even more important than the clothing you put on your body are the shoes you put on your feet. Don’t show up at the tennis court with a pair of soccer shoes, and you don’t want to run long distances wearing a basic pair of tennis shoes that won’t offer the support you need. Each sport tends to have its own footwear, and you should follow the guidelines of whatever workout you’re choosing to do. Yoga, swimming, and other types of physical fitness don’t require anything special, but if you are doing something high impact, make sure you have footwear that can keep up.

Comfort First

Everyone wants to look good when they’re working out, especially when it’s in a public place like the gym or the dance studio. If looking great helps your self esteem and keeps you motivated to continue working out — great. Just remember that comfort is more important than fashion. You want to feel good so you can perform and get a good workout completed. The cutest tops might offer little support, so choose something that will fit you well, allow you to breathe, and layer easily.

Keep it Flexible

When you’re working out, you always want to be prepared. Keep a sweatshirt with you in case you get cold while you’re warming up, and on days that you know your workout will be particularly intense, consider having an extra pair of shorts and shirt you can change into if the clothes you wear become too sweaty. As you’re shopping for workout clothes, always try things on. Fit is going to be even more important with your workout wear than it is in your everyday clothing. If you’re tugging at your top or pulling up your pants, it will be difficult to concentrate on your workout.

There are lots of great options in workout wear these days. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with different styles. Just remember comfort and fit is more important than anything else. You dress to enhance your workout, not to impede it. Think about the weather and what you’ll be requiring of your body when you dress for your workout.